Do you want to feel like a real miner on a shift? Are you ready to do a number of mining works in dark galleries of a coal mine? Before travelling down you will receive full equipment and frontman’s outfit. Then, you will go to the deepest regions of Guido Coal Mine – the lowest point of the route is 355 metres below the surface of the ground! The route goes through a mining longwall No. 4, mined in training and research purposes in the second half of the 20th century. Shift is a proposition for the people who are ready for a big effort and a big dose of sensations.

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Before travelling down to the inoperative mining flat at 355 level you must get necessary personal protective outfit: foreman’s wear, a flannel shirt, wellingtons, a helmet and a lamp with a protective cover. Moments later, a cager opens the elevator’s door before you and you go 320 meters underground where the journey to the deepest places of a mine begins.

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Mining headings for one kilometre and a half, dip-headings of considerable slope, raises, declines and tight, restricted passages are the scenery of the route on the level 355m. You will be accompanied by scraper conveyors, pipelines used for pumping the filing and multitude of mining steel. Over your head you will notice stone-dust barriers which were to prevent the other part of the mine from a possible explosion of pulverised coal. A foreman will tell you to shift over a pipeline weighing dozens of kilograms, to erect a band conveyor, to dimension a wooden prop, to install a ventilation pipe or other works that you will be told to perform. You will convince yourself that effort made in tightness and dustiness costs quite a lot.

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A heading

The climax of a mining shift on the level of 355m is a tight passage running for over one hundred metre coal seam of considerable inclination. The roof in that place is supported by thickly spaced props of Valent type, popularly called "valencioki" in Silesia. The coal seam is placed here within reach. Historically this is the last mining place in the Guido Coal Mine.

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The Dark

Silence so deep reigns in this part of the mine that you can hear your own heartbeat. Advancing blackness from everywhere makes you aware that you are deeply in the very heart of the earth. Impenetrable darkness is solely diffused by a beam of light coming from a personal mining lamp. In its brightness the steel machinery and equipment take fabulous shapes. Imagination likes playing tricks here.

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Off we go for a beer and to the baths!

Leaving the mining face, your physical condition will be tested by a steep dip-heading towards shallower areas of the Guido Coal Mine. From the mining shift you will go to a pub located in the Pumps House - you will recover there, thanks to superb "Guido" beer and other specialities of the House. Going back to the surface, your legs will carry You themselves under a "fresh" shower in mining baths.

Additional information:

- Duration: 3,5 h,

- The Route is for adults,

- The Route is for those of good health and physical condition

- Pre-reservation is absolutely necessary



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