The K8 Zone is a modern area of culture, business and leisure, located 320 meters below the surface in the Guido Coal Mine. It consists of four tremendous chambers that, due to revitalization projects, carried out with EU financial support, have gained a completely new look. It is thanks to the K8 Zone the Guido Mine may invite companies to hire space for training and conferences, host concerts and theater performances, organize cultural and art fairs, as well as serve as a place for closed-circle meetings.

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The Research Chamber No. 8 - the largest chamber located on the level of 320 of the Guido Mine, regularly hosts concerts, theater performances, team building and musical events - last year a wonderful concert of Nigel Kennedy with Bach solo project took place here. The chamber's name, likewise the names of all the K8 Zone's rooms, was taken from the history of the mine - refers to its use of the 70's of last century, when the Guido Mine functioned as M-300 Experimental Coal Mine.

The chamber can accommodate up to 250 people. It is equipped with a bar and a folding tribune on the mezzanine with 90 seats. Intimate lighting and excellent acoustic have already gained recognition of musicians and artists performing there. This space has been home to events within the Level of Culture undertaking, cyclically organized in the Guido Mine. Due to its versatility, size and capabilities it is the center of the K8 Zone.

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Mechanical Workshop - the chamber carved into sandstone, will soon become the multimedia heart of the Mine. This chamber has been arranged above all as a space for conferences. It accommodates 96 seats, arranged in a shape of a movie theater - even last rows allow good visibility.

The Workshop's decor combines the utility of a conference room with a place where formerly wagons and mining machinery was repaired. The walls retain their raw form, and specific atmosphere of this site is provided by elements of corten sheets, naturally covered by thin layer of rust. The Guido Mine offers organization of business trainings there which, thus the originality of the environment, are not only a duty, but most of all an interesting adventure.

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Compressor Room - a place that was originally designed to supply mining equipment with compressed air, now arranged for a banquet room. Tremendous machines, preserved from the times of the mine operation are located there, among them the 100-year-old compressor, as huge as a truck, as well as a steel crane that could transport items weighing up to half a ton. The chamber has been modernized primarily in order to organize conferences or business meetings. It is equipped with expanded gastronomic background.

When being in the Compressor Room, attention is drawn most of all to its unusual lighting - dozens of mining incandescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. Particularly interesting are the seats – designed in a system of benches and tables, sliding out straight from the side-wall of the chamber.

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Pump hall - the deepest place for closed-circle meetings in this part of the world, probably one of the most iconic pubs in Silesia. It has got a bar, that best London pubs could be proud of, and the location, which - for obvious reasons - cannot be copied. The unique climate is provided by raw mining design, maintained through the original brick ceiling and side-walls, uncovered during renovation work.

In the menu, served by the pub, visitors will find a good beer and a wide range of hot snacks. The hall will soon be available both to tourists visiting the level of 320, as well as visitors going down straight from the surface via mining lift. Another advantage is that the available space, if necessary, allows to organize parties or other events for up to one hundred and fifty people.


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